Is Google Ads Or Google Adwords A Complete Scam?


Google makes about $6.73 million USD per hour.

As a Google user, I pay for every single service (GSuite, Google Ads, GCP, etc) that I use despite the fact some of its services are free.

And I’m not sure I will make the amount they make every hour even if I live to be 100.

And when Google embarks on cheating me or others like me out of the little that we spend 14-16 hours a day trying to find, it makes me really, really very angry.

I have been using Google Adwords for the past 7 years mostly to manage PPC campaigns for personal projects.

But lately when I started managing other clients accounts and that campaigns per project are increasing, I decided to use an MCC account.

Most of these accounts are in Japanese Yen (¥) with one or two are in United States Dollars ($USD).

As a practice, I normally run a test campaign(s) for each account for something before using the lessons I learn from it to create something more enduring.

When creating a new campaign, you are prompted to start off with Ad groups.

This is where Google Ads differs considerably from what Bing Ads and Facebook Ads do.

Facebook Ads uses Ad Sets and when you are creating one and exceeds your average, Facebook lets you know.

Bing Ads uses Ad Groups and you normally get this prompt: “Leave the bid empty to use the default ad group bid: 1 USD”.

Google Ads forces you to fill this field and you cannot proceed unless this is done.


Now, remember when I said that these accounts use different currencies?

During the creation of a new campaign using the lessons we derived from the test run, I completely forgot that the account was in $USD.

And in the course of creating an ad group, I instinctively filled the field with 1000.00 which ought to be $10.00 (¥1000.00) which is what we mostly use with ¥2000.00 ($20.00) for each ad group.

This huge mistake wasn’t apparent until I started seeing a very unusual traffic coming to the website.

At first, I thought that it was because of what I have observed repeatedly over the past 2 years with Google Ads and that is, whenever I make changes to the account or visit it and move something around, the traffic increases.

Leave your Google Ads unvisited for a week or so, the traffic drops … a lot.

But when the traffic crossed a certain threshold that I normally associate with that specific budget and was hitting 600 for 3 hours, I decided to take a look at Google Ads.

It was then that I noticed the mistake and immediately corrected it.

I went back to our analytics tool, took a look at the traffic and realized that 98% of the traffic was coming from India with 70% a particular location (Bhubaneswar) & IP address: 157.41.237.###.

See all the traffics:

MacOS Numbers:


And when I took a look at these IP address, I noticed that these persons were visiting the website every second, triggering live chat requests with meaningless questions that lasts less than 10 seconds until we blocked him or her.


Here are some of the names& email address they used:

Smruti ranjan muduli

Sani kumar


Amarender singh


harendra shakya

Vivek kumar mahto

Savani Jay


For most or all of our campings, we specifically exclude India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka because we know that these countries account for most of the fraud clicks we have seen on our test campaigns.

I notified Google Ads team immediately about this:

from: $emailAddress <$emailAddress>
date: Jul 1, 2018, 8:06 PM
subject: URGENT: Billing Help Needed


Please, we need your help… fast.

We set up a new campaign today and instead of Y1000.00 (1000 Japanese Yen) which has been our average, I mistakenly input 1000.00 per day but it turned out that it was in USD$.

The worst of it, almost 95% of the traffic came from India with 75% of that from Bhubaneswar, India with an IP address of 157.41.224.###.

This is our entire budget for a year for this project and will really need your understanding and help.


Thank you.”


Received confirmation:

to: $emailAddress
date: Jul 1, 2018, 8:07 PM
subject: Re: [5-9733000022857] URGENT: Billing Help Needed”


Got a response on:

to: $emailAddress
date: Jul 4, 2018, 4:56 AM
subject: Follow up to your phone call [5-9532000023045]


Hope you are doing well!

This email is in regards to the concern regrading your AdWords Account.

I tried reaching you on +1 628-600-1616 but it redirected to voicemail.

Please share your preferred time and contact number so that I can arrange a callback for you.

Google AdWords Team”


I called and when they couldn’t reach me when they called back, called again, send emails

from: $emailAddress <$emailAddress>
date: Jul 4, 2018, 8:16 AM
subject: Re: Follow up to your phone call [5-9532000023045]

“Hi and Good morning.

Really sorry that you couldn’t get me when you called.

I’m currently in Japan and thus the best hours for me to pick calls are from 07:00 am to 19:00 pm JST.

I’m at this moment on a train heading to Osaka from Tokyo and since it is not possible to pick calls while inside a bullet train, please could you call me either tomorrow morning or today from 14:00 pm until 20:00 pm today.

Thank you and have a wonderful evening.”


Again, I’m sorry that you were unable to reach me when you called.

Like I mentioned several times in my past emails, I’m in Japan at the moment and that means that my availability is in Japan Standard Time.

I was sleeping when your call came but now I’m up.

Please, could you call now?

Thank you!”

from: $emailAddress <$emailAddress>
date: Jul 4, 2018, 4:57 PM
subject: Re: Follow up to your phone call [5-9532000023045]

“Good evening.

Please, can I wait for your call tomorrow morning from 06:00 am Japan Standard Time?

Thanks for your help!”


And got this last communication on:

to: $emailAddress
date: Jul 10, 2018, 4:45 AM
subject: Re: Follow up to your phone call [5-9532000023045]


Hope you are doing well!

This email is in regards to the concern regarding your AdWords Account.

I have reviewed your account and have checked the data for 30 June 2018. Initially, while creating the campaign you have set the campaign budget to 1000$ and that why you were charged $967.66. In this case, we will not be able to credit or refund the amount as the campaign budget changes were done by your email address.

Please feel free to reply over the same email if you do need any help further.


Which I responded with:

from: $emailAddress <$emailAddress>
date: Jul 10, 2018, 6:23 AM
subject: Re: Follow up to your phone call [5-9532000023045]
Google AdWords Team”

“I explained to you what happened.

Not only that, 95% of the clicks that came was as a result of click-fraud.

Why is it that you are expecting us to pay for clicks that came as an organized fraud?

Doesn’t that and the explanation that this was a mistake count?

Who will in their right mind run create an Ad Group of $1000.00 for an account that has been running on an average of $7.00 – $10.00 for over a year?

Please, could you reassess your position on this?


Google never responded to this but instead proceeded to make an “unauthorized withdrawal” while this still, hangs in the air.

Google Ads Withdrawal Dropbox URL:

To us, this is reprehensible, immoral and just wrong.

I don’t know how a company as huge and rich as Google can justify what we could describe as plain extortion and be stealing from a very small person to add to its riches.

I don’t know how the supervisors can justify allowing these criminals in India to blindly rob small businesses of the little they have.

I simply don’t know.

I decided to make this public so that others will learn from this experience.

I decided to make this public and publish in every place I could find so that people can avoid Google Ads or its predecessor Google Adwords.

I decided to take this step because there is now a need for businesses to find a better alternative to this exploitative tool called Google Ads.

Bing Ads are not as greedy as Google.

The same can be said to some extent about Facebook Ads though one must have to be careful there too.

I can’t remember how many businesses I have compelled to use Google Cloud, GSuite over the years without asking for anything in return.

And is sad that someone like me who started using Google since its founding and who always defend it whenever I can is the one to experience this.

Please, avoid Google Ads at all cost for it has proven to be a service you can never trust.

Thanks for reading!